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Relabeling & Repackaging Products

Southwest Packaging is the go-to partner for repackaging, relabeling, and redressing services for businesses of diverse sizes, ranging from Fortune 100 brands to private labels. We diligently identify and rectify components, labels, and missing parts for salvage jobs. We guarantee complete accuracy and safety by relabeling products where necessary and ensuring compliance with updated regulations.
SP ability to update labels for nutritional and FDA requirements avoids penalties and ensures total consumer confidence. And our efficient product recall management services reduce disruption while safeguarding your brand's reputation.

Packaging Reconfigurations and Correction

Southwest Packaging offers repackaging solutions to brands seeking packaging reconfigurations and label corrections. We sort and re-pack your products, correct any wrong items in variety packs, apply accurate labeling, and rectify errors promptly and efficiently.

Here's why businesses choose Southwest Packaging's relabeling and repackaging services:

Highly experienced and dedicated team

Cost-effective solutions

Fast turnaround times


Scalability to handle projects of all sizes

Southwest Packaging Rescues Liquid Death's US Launch

Repackaging Case Study

Liquid Death's highly anticipated launch of Still Mountain Water in the US was in jeopardy due to the global pandemic outbreak. Southwest Packaging saved the company's launch in record time through our rapid response and strategic intervention.


Liquid Death's Still Mountain Water was created for the European market. The company later decided to launch the product in the United States, but the product needed to be reconfigured to meet US packaging standards. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process of converting the product at the manufacturing facility was delayed because of labor and equipment issues. As a result, the introduction of the product into the US market was being hindered.

THE solution

On an emergency call, Southwest Packaging took two containers of the product and reconfigured the packaging to comply with US regulations. Our team also manually combined the product into variety packs for US distribution. We completed the task just in time for its scheduled launch date.


Southwest Packaging's efforts rescued Liquid Death from a potentially crippling delay. We managed the entire process with utmost precision, from receiving the product in Austria to reconfiguring it for the US market, allowing Liquid Death to meet its launch timeline in only four months. Our swift and agile response prevented supply chain disruptions and potential product loss and paved the way for a triumphant entry into the US market. Leveraging our warehousing services finalized the mission by streamlining the distribution process.

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