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We help brands with the entire process of packaging their products.


At Southwest Packaging, we assist clients in selecting the optimal product packaging option, taking into account the associated costs and distribution implications. We work with clients to determine the best packaging solution, whether it's bottles, jars, pouches, jugs, or any other packaging type, considering factors such as packaging performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, we facilitate material sourcing to provide added convenience and ease.

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Minimize waste and maximize efficiency with Southwest Packaging's thorough filling and bagging expertise, also known as co-packing services. We can handle any product, including liquids, powders, alcoholic beverages and spirits. You can trust us to deliver your products in perfect condition and ready for retail.

end-to-end contract packaging Services

We've got all your packaging needs covered. Let Southwest Packaging dress your products for success with shrink sleeves, bundle and variety packs, special product assembly, and point-of-purchase displays.


Our contract packaging services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. We collaborate with our clients to achieve their objectives.

contract packaging services with Maximum Flexibility

We work around your unique needs, whatever they may be

We can use your equipment or we’ll provide it for you

We can work right from your facilities, or work from ours

We’ll train our workforce to follow your procedures

Have any specific constraints you need us to work around? We can do it.

In-House and Offsite Contract Packaging Services

Southwest Packaging takes flexibility to the next level with our in-house and offsite contract packaging solutions. Whether your preference is working within your facility or ours, we can use your equipment or provide our own. Our highly-trained workforce ensures budget and logistical considerations are met, like customizing production schedules for peak seasons or accommodating variations in your packaging volume. Our contract packaging embraces on-demand collaboration in place of rigid contracts. We build trust and confidence by seamlessly integrating with your team and unique projects. Southwest Packaging always fosters strong, long-term relationships through transparent communication, flexible scheduling, and fair pricing.

Optimize Your Distribution Network and Slash Costs

Make Southwest Packaging your strategic partner and eliminate packaging-related issues. We are conveniently located in Dallas-Fort Worth, helping clients save millions by copacking their products in Texas. By reducing transportation expenses and accelerate time to market, you optimize your distribution network. This results in significant cost savings, giving you a real competitive edge. 

Unlock Your Product's Full Potential

Unlock your brand’s true potential with Southwest Packaging’s packaging consultation services. We dive deep into your private label or corporate needs, and master your product’s shelf-life. Whether your priorities focus on costs, speed, shelf impact, or more, we work closely with you to tailor solutions that fit your precise goals and constraints. Pouch, bottle, box – you name it, we will engineer the perfect package. 

Tailored Solutions, Lasting Partnerships

Southwest Packaging believes that everyone wins when we work together. That’s why we reject the one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we thrive on flexible, on-demand collaboration, seamlessly integrating with your team and projects. Our open communication, flexible scheduling, and fair pricing approach build trust that fuels mutual success for lasting partnerships. 

Contract Packaging Services

blister and clamshell packaging - contract packaging services

Blister and Clamshell Packaging

variety pack assembly dallas

Club, Multi and Variety Pack Packaging Services

contract filling and copacking dallas

Contract Liquid Filling / Co-packing

retail and packaging display assembly - contract packaging company

Display Assembly Services

relabeling and repackaging - contract packaging services

Relabeling / Repackaging Products

shrink sleeves and bundling - contract packaging company dallas

Shrink Sleeving and Bundling

packaging kitting


point of purchase display assembly - contract packaging services

Product and Special Packaging Assembly

contract bagging - contract packaging dallas

Contract Bagging

Why choose Southwest Packaging
for your contract packaging needs?

Southwest Packaging has 20+ years of packaging excellence, delivering measurable results you can count on. The company is the preferred choice for US businesses of all sizes seeking exceptional expertise in contract packaging.

Trusted by major US brands and private labels, Southwest Packaging offers a wide range of packaging solutions built on expertise and unwavering customer satisfaction. Choose us for the perfect blend of scalability and customized solutions where your unique vision meets our packaging excellence.

Tired of generic packaging that fails to impress? Choose Southwest Packaging for innovative solutions. Our vast experience helps us think outside the box, turning old obstacles into new opportunities.

Ready to slash costs and shave time off your projects? Southwest Packaging is renowned for its unmatched value and efficiency in helping supercharge workflows and boost bottom lines. Let our dedicated team and specialized expertise take away your packaging headaches and streamline your production process.

At Southwest Packaging, we work closely with fast-scaling brands such as Liquid Death, Community Beer, and Chi, and provide them with tailored solutions to help them navigate through their early growth stages. As partners, we empower our clients to succeed with our agile partnerships and support.

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