NOW OFFERING Alcohol Co-Packing Services and Specialty Packaging for Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits

Co-packing Services

Contract Filling

Whether you are looking for extra capacity to meet your needs or a new product launch, Southwest packaging is a leading contract packaging company providing contract filling / co-packing services for alcohol, food and beverage and consumer products. We deliver fill-and-pack solutions for diverse containers, including bottles, jars, pouches, and jugs for liquid and dry products.

Now offering alcohol co-packing services

Southwest Packaging Solutions is now a Distilled Spirits Plant and offers secondary contract packaging and co-packaging services to craft beer and spirits industry.

Contract Filling / Co-packing of Liquids, Tablets and Powders

Southwest Packaging has become renowned as a comprehensive service provider through our turnkey approach, which covers everything to sourcing correct packaging materials to filling, sealing, and palletizing your product, ensuring it is ready for immediate distribution. Whether launching a new project, scaling up production, or looking to streamline your operations, we are your reliable partner with the expertise and resources to support your ongoing success.

Here are six reasons why leading brands and Fortune 100 companies choose Southwest Packaging as their trusted partner:

Central location

Save millions in distribution and transportation costs by packaging in Texas.

Proven track record

14+ years trusted by Fortune 100s and private label brands.

Expertise and versatility:

Food, non-food, alcohol, liquids, powders – We do it all.

Turnkey solutions

We handle all aspects of packaging to ensure your product reaches the shelves quickly.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness 

Expert team, streamlined processes = savings.


We scale with you from product launch to growth stage, handling projects of all sizes.

When Southwest Packaging takes care of your filling and packaging needs, you get to focus on what matters most: growing your distribution.

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