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Contract Packaging DFW

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We are here to help streamline your operations and help you focus on what you are best at: making a great product. Contact us for more information about our contract packaging services and let us consult with you. You bring us a challenge, we’ll devise a solution


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Private label and national brands deserve packaging excellence, and Southwest Packaging delivers on every front. Our team is committed to creating customized packaging solutions that enhance shelf visibility, reduce expenses, and fulfill the specific requirements of your product.

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Contract Packaging and Copacking Services in DFW

Our complete suite of personalized solutions optimizes operations, streamlines processes, and enhances your brand presence.

Turnkey Contract Packaging

Southwest Packaging excels in providing comprehensive, tailored solutions that streamline your product’s journey to market, specializing in sourcing packaging materials, filling, sleeving, assembling variety packs, kitting, and constructing displays. Our turnkey approach ensures seamless integration with your operations, adapting to your unique requirements.

Contract Filling / Copacking Services

We specialize contract filling and co-packing services for diverse products like bottles, jars, pouches, and jugs. Our expertise includes powder, liquid, and now, alcohol-filling solutions. Southwest Packaging goes beyond filling and bagging to manage complex product handling, ensuring your success in the market-ready phase. Our comprehensive solutions and strategic location in Dallas-Fort Worth optimize distribution, and we are committed to supporting your company’s ongoing success.

Shrink Sleeve Application

Southwest Packaging excels in providing specialized shrink sleeve application. Shrink sleeves provide excellent branding opportunities, flexibility, durability, and sustainability. Our expertise in shrink sleeve application ensures precision, compliance, and consumer trust, which contributes to brand protection and cost-effectiveness.

Variety Pack, Kitting & Display Assembly

Southwest Packaging’s variety pack, kitting, and display assembly services boost sales and customer engagement. We put together striking value packs, eye-catching bundles, and promotional kits to seduce your target audience. We also assemble point of purchase displays with diverse materials for impactful retail presentations.

Label and Packaging Assembly

Collaborate with Southwest Packaging’s to enhance your product’s appeal. Throughout the entire process, from concept to assembly, we ensure impactful packaging while blending creative flair with precision. The result is visually striking products that stand out effortlessly.

Packaging and warehouse supplies

Southwest Packaging supports your operations with a comprehensive range of cost-saving commercial packaging supplies. We offer custom-sized and recycled corrugated boxes, stretch films, and specialty tapes in bulk quantities. We also purchase and resell decommissioned packaging and line equipment.

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