Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

Southwest Packaging offers a complete suite of services for the pharmaceutical industry, including contract supplement packaging, repackaging of pharmaceutical products, and a wide range of other pharmaceutical contract packaging solutions.

The pharmaceutical market demands exacting precision, confidentiality and safety. SP’s continuing demonstration of exceptional proficiency in all of these areas has helped to cement our reputation as one of the best pharmaceutical packaging companies.

With a highly skilled team that is specially trained in the proper procedures for this rigorous industry, SP is able to create customized pharma packaging solutions to handle your products accurately and efficiently. This includes not only contract pharmaceutical blister packaging, but shrink wrapping, logistics, sample distribution, and returns.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Southwest Packaging provides the following pharmaceutical contract packaging services:

Kitting and Packaging

Southwest Packaging offers a wide variety of options to best accommodate the specific packaging needs for your unique products.

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Blister Packaging
  • Bagging and Filling
  • Variety Packaging / Promotional Packaging
  • Pallet Displays / Product Displays
  • Multipacks
  • Custom Assembly / Manual Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Single-Dose Packaging

Pharmaceutical Logistics

With our distribution and warehousing capabilities, Southwest Packaging is able to comply with any and all regulations adhering to your specific products. As one of the leading pharmaceutical contract packaging companies, we can provide complete logistical support, including climate-controlled transportation or any other travel-related services.

Pharmaceutical Sample Distribution

Among our pharma packaging solutions, Southwest Packaging also offers pharmaceutical sample distribution. Because this is a non-revenue-producing operation, sample distribution is an area in which it especially benefits companies to find the most efficient and economical solution. With years of experience, SP is able to offer an extremely competitive service in the distribution of samples and promotional literature –saving you time and money while getting the word out about your business.

Pharmaceutical Returns

Returns processing and the liquidation of products can be among the more challenging operations for pharmaceutical companies. Southwest Packaging can help by providing highly efficient services that will ensure cost-recovery savings. SP’s skilled employees will inspect inventory and work on your terms to meet specific guidelines for returns to vendors.

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When you need contract packaging and fulfillment solutions, Southwest Packaging is your best option. We obsess about exceeding our client’s expectations with outstanding turnaround times while keeping your costs down.

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