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At Southwest Packaging, we understand that every industry is different. Thus we have dedicated ourselves to finding unique contract packaging solutions to match the needs of a wide range of businesses, including cosmetics, electronics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and a broad spectrum of consumer goods. Whatever industry you’re in, Southwest Packaging will devise an efficient, timely and results-driven contract packaging solution to help you achieve your goals.

Cosmetic Contract Packaging

From infant supplies to hair and skin products, Southwest Packaging offers contract packaging services for all cosmetic and personal care items. We understand the demands of the market and work to provide the most efficient and economical solutions, while abiding by all safety, health and inspection guidelines.

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Electronics Contract Packaging

The electronics market offers special challenges when it comes to manual packaging and security guarantees under tight deadlines. Southwest Packaging is a leader among contract packaging companies in this area, with extensive experience handling labor-intensive projects, while saving you money and ensuring compliance with all regulatory guidelines.

Food Contract Packaging

With over 25 years experience in the food packaging industry, Southwest Packaging offers extensive contract packaging resources to handle both primary and secondary food packaging needs. From candy and snacks to dry and canned food, we subscribe to rigorous warehouse procedures that prioritize cleanliness to ensure that your products hit the shelves in the best possible condition.

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Beverage Contract Packaging

Our food contract packaging solutions also extend to beverages, which is among our specialties. We are able to handle a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials, offering clear bundling, shrink wrap, labeling, kitting, and boxing, among other services. As with our food contract packaging, we take pains to ensure that your products get to market in pristine condition.

Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging

The pharmaceutical market demands exacting precision, confidentiality and safety. In the competitive contract packaging industry, Southwest Packaging excels in meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical companies, with a highly skilled team that is trained to exercise rigorous quality control. Whatever your needs, we are able to create customized solutions to handle your pharmaceutical accurately and efficiently.

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For more than a decade, Southwest Packaging has been providing comprehensive, customized and highly adaptable contract packaging and fulfillment services to businesses of all types and sizes. In working with us, innumerable companies have saved up to 30% in costs and realized the many benefits of outsourced logistics – including inventory management, sampling distribution, and a host of other logistical support services.

From single projects to multiple simultaneous jobs, Southwest Packaging has consistently met our clients’ highest expectations and dedicated ourselves to solving our partners’ immediate and long-term needs. Whatever industry you’re in, Southwest Packaging will devise an efficient, timely and results-driven contract packaging solution to help you achieve your goals.

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