Cosmetic Contract Packaging

Southwest Packaging excels in cosmetic contract packaging, which has its own set of special requirements.

Most products in the cosmetics industry are small and require individual wrapping and packaging in appealing multipacks. Whether it’s makeup, hair care, anti-aging skin products or any of hundreds of other items, SP has the experience and the skilled team to help you get your cosmetic goods to market quickly, efficiently and economically.

With expansive facilities and the most up-to-date equipment, Southwest Packaging is prepared to handle cosmetic contract packaging for any size project. We understand the demands of this market and adhere to all safety, health and inspection guidelines, ensuring that your products are treated appropriately and reach consumers in perfect condition.

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Cosmetic Contract Packaging Solutions

Southwest Packaging provides the following specialized services for the cosmetics industry:

Kitting and Packaging

Southwest Packaging offers a wide variety of options to best accommodate the specific packaging needs for your unique products.

  • Manual Packaging / Custom Assembly
  • Product Displays / Multipacks
  • Shrink Wrap, Bundle-Wrapping, Blister Pack and Gift Pack
  • Clamshell Packaging
  • Promotional Packaging

Inventory Management and Control

SP’s trained staff prides itself in being among the best in inventory management and control. We provide productivity and quality-control reports daily or as requested, treat sensitive items with special care, and take rigorous measures to ensure security in all forms.

Sample Distribution

Our cosmetic contract packaging solutions include sample distribution. Because this is a non-revenue-producing operation, it especially benefits companies to find the most efficient and economical way to accomplish this. With years of experience, SP is able to offer an extremely competitive service in the distribution of samples and promotional literature – saving you time and money while getting the word out about your business.

Warehouse and Distribution

SP’s ambient and air-conditioned warehouse provides foot-raised storage perfect for any project. We also specialize in finding the ideal solution for difficult distribution problems – getting your products where they need to be when they need to be there.

Reverse Logistics

Returns processing and the liquidation of products is an area with a unique set of  challenges. Southwest Packaging can help by providing highly efficient services that will ensure cost-recovery savings. SP’s skilled employees will inspect inventory and work on your terms to meet specific guidelines for returns to vendors.


With the aid of the latest technology, SP can provide labels for any product – from single labeling to barcode labeling and pallet labeling, we can do it all.

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For more than a decade, Southwest Packaging has been providing comprehensive, customized and highly adaptable contract packaging and fulfillment services to businesses of all types and sizes. In working with us, innumerable companies have saved up to 30% in costs